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SECONDS 'This Too Shall Pass' Sun and Moon Enamel Pin

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These 'this too shall pass' pins are not quite perfect but are still a wonderful keepsake, they will have some small imperfections which could include one of the following:
  • Tarnishing on the metal plating on the back or sides of the pin.
  • A small amount of enamel underfill or overfill.
  • Areas of enamel with less glitter
  • Scratching or bumps on the metal.
  • Dust or small marks on the enamel
Teething... that delightful cold the kids brought home from nursery or school... the 4 month sleep regression... parenting in lockdown... My 'this too shall pass' sun and moon enamel pin is a little reminder that just as night follows day and day follows night, this too will pass.
  • 28mm tall with the T&Belle logo on the reverse
  • Silver plated with glitter hard enamel finish
  • Available with 2 standard rubber clasp or optional 1 rubber and 1 metal locking clasp to help prevent the pin being lost if worn.
  • Presented on a backing card

I have made a pledge to never package my products in plastic bags or wrappers. All pins are packaged in recyclable materials and shipped in cardboard boxes to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition without damaging the environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Even the Seconds are excellent quality!

Beautiful badge. I purchased it knowing it was a Super Seconds product but I honestly couldn’t see anything other than perfect quality.

Emma Butler

Lovely badge. Great quality and fast delivery. Very happy with my purchase.

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