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T & Belle was set up with the environment in mind and I will always look for the most socially and environmentally sustainable options when I am creating or packaging products. 

plastic free packagingAlways Plastic Free Packaging

I have taken a pledge to never package my products in plastic bags or wrappers. All my packaging is plastic free and items are shipped to you in cardboard non-bend envelopes or kraft mailing sacks to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition without damaging the environment.

When ordering supplies, I will always request that orders are packaged in as little or no plastic as possible to further reduce my plastic waste.

Eco-friendly Printing

Whilst researching methods for getting my designs onto t-shirts, I looked at vinyl transfers but was saddened by the amount of plastic waste generated by this method. I chose instead to use eco-friendly ink.

I use water based ink rather than PVC based inks which is kinder to the environment and a far better choice for children's clothing as it is non-toxic and does not contain any lead or heavy metals, CFC’s or other volatile solvents.

Ethical and Sustainable Clothing

Most of my clothing and accessories are made from organic cotton, a natural, renewable and biodegradable fabric that is kind to skin and will not release micro plastics into the environment. Some of my items are made from recycled fibres including organic cotton cuttings from clothing production and even plastic bottles - making use of things that would otherwise go to landfill!