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My Story

Hi, I'm Bryony and I love bright things! I live on the beautiful south coast of the UK with my 2 children Theo and Isabelle (the inspiration behind the name T & Belle), my husband Dan and our 2 aging but very loving cats.

All my products have been developed from my own designs and based on a frustration with mainstream equivalents, from cellophane wrapped greetings cards, to mass-manufactured children's t-shirts with stiff and sticky PVC based prints. I take great care in sourcing supplies and manufacturers that are ethical, sustainable and as much as possible, located in the UK. I have taken a pledge to never package my products in single use plastic - there is always another option!

I live close to the beach and have always been drawn to the sea, so plastic waste reduction became both my 2019 new years resolution and a life goal, in both my business and home life. I started my blog to chart the ups and downs of my life as a mum; trying to reduce my waste, live more a more sustainable existence and do this whilst trying to keep two tiny humans (and a larger man-child) alive and happy.

My brain is constantly full of new ideas and inspiration and I am usually working on at least one, if not several new products at once. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date!