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Clearance Old Style Dalmatian Print Breastfeeding Clothing Clip

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Clearance - old style breastfeeding clip stock. These clips are not seconds but are the last of my stock of the old style narrower breastfeeding clips with plastic poppers.

How many times have you found yourself trying to hold your t-shirt up with your chin whilst trying to latch your little one, or accidentally dropping your top onto babies head mid-feed?

My breastfeeding clothing clip has been designed to solve this common problem and keep your hands free whilst feeding. It is made from a stretchy woven fabric so that it can accommodate both t-shirts and jumpers, and has a popper fastening which is simple to open one handed for those nap-trapped moments.

It also makes a perfect 'this side next' bracelet when not in use. I added the positive affirmation 'you are enough' on the inside of the clip, just in case you need a little reminder on those tougher days. This monochrome dalmatian print is the perfect neutral design to go with everything!

  • Approximately 20cm long with white plastic popper fastening.
  • Dalmatian print on outside edge and 'you are enough' wording on the inside.
  • Stretchy woven fabric to accommodate both t-shirts and jumpers.
  • One size fits most when worn as a bracelet.

I have made a pledge to never package my products in plastic bags or wrappers. All products are packaged in recyclable materials and shipped in cardboard boxes to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition without damaging the environment.

The Breastfeeding Clip is a UK Registered Design - Design number 6180420

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very useful

Brilliant idea and really handy!

Very handy … but

Loved the look and feel of it for the couple of weeks I used it. Baby also was entranced so thought I had a winner. But the popper keeps popping out of the fabric which is annoying as it’s really hard to put back in place especially with a baby in your arms. I’ve unfortunately stopped using it now.

Rachel Daniels

Lovely and so simple! Super handy and means I don’t always have to wear breast feeding stuff, I can just wear the jumpers I like with a vest underneath and can clip it away - perfect!

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