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Leopard Print Breastfeeding Clothing Clip

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How many times have you found yourself trying to hold your t-shirt up with your chin whilst trying to latch your little one, or accidentally dropping your top onto babies head mid-feed?

My breastfeeding clothing clip has been designed to solve this common problem and keep your hands free whilst feeding. It is made from a stretchy woven fabric so that it can accommodate both t-shirts and jumpers, and has a popper fastening which is simple to open one handed for those nap-trapped moments.

It also makes a perfect 'this side next' bracelet when not in use. I added the positive affirmation 'you are enough' on the inside of the clip, just in case you need a little reminder on those tougher days.

  • Approximately 20cm long with white plastic popper fastening.
  • Leopard print pattern on outside edge and 'you are enough' wording on the inside.
  • Stretchy woven fabric to accommodate both t-shirts and jumpers.
  • One size fits most when worn as a bracelet.

I have made a pledge to never package my products in plastic bags or wrappers. All products are packaged in recyclable materials and shipped in cardboard boxes to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition without damaging the environment.

The Breastfeeding Clip is a UK Registered Design - Design number 6180420

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Natalie Marsh
Brilliant idea

Amazing idea

Exactly what I needed!

Really helpful, no more holding clothes under my chin whilst dealing with a wriggly baby at feeding time! My only gripe is the sewn edges started to fray after a week and the popper button has moved from the centre to the very edge which worries me that it will break soon and result in the need for a second purchase after not very long having it.. For this reason I’ve knocked off a star on the rating. Other than that I love it!

Love the concept

I really love the idea of these. I loved using it in the beginning, but after a while it began to over-stretch when using to hold up winter jumpers and thick tops, so it became loose on my wrist and eventually it's slipped off and I've lost it! I think it would also be better to have a stronger fastening, as the popper is quite weak. I would like to get another but I'm afriad it'll fall off again!

So handy

I got the black leopard print band and it is so handy. It's great to be able to feed while wearing cosy jumpers. I also wear it on alternating wrists to remind me which side to feed on. This is great, especially for night time feeds when it's easy to forget.

A super idea!

Really handy for feeds (saves me having to hold up clothing with my chin!). I'm so impressed with the quality of the clip as well. The lovely affirmation on the inside is a nice touch and makes it so much more special.

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